i do not often use mullein alone, but find it indispensable in formulas.  

mullein is a dearly useful plant ally. it proves reliable in a great many circumstances. 

i've done my best to place it's most reliable + obvious uses into clear categories. 

**pain/physical joint/cartilage/connective tissue restoration**

mullein cleanses interstitial fluids and lubricates the joints, relieving creakiness. 

it is a specific for cartilage damage. it brings nutrients + resources into the spaces surrounding the cartilage, as cartilage itself has no direct blood supply. 

it's calming and helps to relax the tension that tends to 'hold on' to those in chronic pain.  

it also helps skeletal misalignment + complex fractures to find natural alignment. 

i've heard of several case studies where it allowed broken ribs to click back into place on their own, as there is no option for manually setting them. 

it's kind of 'magnetic' in this way.

it's a specific for spinal troubles and it works remarkably well. 

it rehydrates dry + damaged spaces, bringing resources that are necessary for repair.

if you have spinal troubles, including scoliosis, message me and ill add mullein root in addition to the leaf to your remedy. 

i have a 10/10 pain remedy that etsy often takes down. it's st johns wort, mullein + burdock. message me for the full description. 

also consider stinging nettle in this regard. i have a good description up. 

mullein grows happily in compacted, extremely poor soil. in its first year it forms a rosette of soft, fuzzy green leaves. in its second year it grows a tall straight stalk with a clustered head of buds that provides small yellow flowers that bloom a bit at a time. the first year roots can be dug for spinal troubles. the first year roots have knowledge to send the stalk straight up in the second year. this is wonderful medicine for restoring the spine after injury as well as guiding the spine to straighten. the root is quite astringent and because this is an energetic or ‘informational’ indication, low yet persistent dosage is appropriate. message me for details. the leaf provides mucilage and can be taken as a tea or tincture. 

i forage these leaves and roots at their peak season and tincture them individually fresh. 

i have very limited amounts of dried mullein for tea. it shouldn't be hard to find on etsy or elsewhere.

i do dry some whole leaves to put under castor oil packs for injuries and it works very well. 

i have some mullein oil steeping that may or may not be ready. 

peek my joint support tincture- solomon's seal, mullein + nettle

the hermit tea blend- reishi mushrooms, wild lettuce + mullein


**respiratory system/ lungs /smoking cessation**

mullein strengthens and cleans the lungs. more generally, it maintenances and constructs healthy mucous membranes. 

it is a very good at opening the lungs + bronchials. 

mullein is a very good expectorant. it sweeps phlegm out of the system at large. 

in words, expect expectoration. you might cough up a glob of phlegm. not cute, but important. 

when we treat lung imbalances when they're small, they don't have a conducive environment to become more sinister. 

we do not need to be getting pneumonia my friends, but if we do add elecampane. especially if they're elderly or compromised.  

message me. it's outstanding how promptly effective herbs are in this respect. 

if you're a smoker, it might make cigarettes taste bad and make them generally less appealing. add plantain if you’re ready to quit and clean house. peep skull cap to help you keep your cool. proud of you. here to help. 

peek my elderberry + mullein tincture. it's great for prevention + management. i have a good description up. 

**lymphatics + gut**

it’s a specific for cleaning out the lymphatics of the gut. it’s more forward than some of the other lymphatic herbs. 

sometimes i like to give someone mullein tea for a handful of days at the beginning of a detox protocol, particularly if lymph and phlegm are an issue.

for your comfort + benefit i wouldn’t proceed without guidance, so please message me. 

i consult for free so you can have the safest, most minimal + effective regimens for your particular situation + goals. 

please feel free to message me. we'll work together until your goals are met. 

be well<3

mullein leaf + root- wild foraged tinctured fresh

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