Tired of zap strapping all your baskets closed while you pick? Do you have anxiety that the next time you fall your haul will spill out of your pack frame and you'll spend time having to pick up your harvest from the ground? Are you done with the crappy, flimsy, sun burnt old baskets you've been using for too long?

Look no further, introducing our snap-on lid harvest basket!

Sturdier than our Shipping Mushroom Basket, our Harvest Mushroom Basket is meant for beating around the bush. The snap-on lid is surprisingly strong and won't come off when you fall with a loaded pack frame. It also reduces time spent strapping all your baskets closed. They nest well, and are a little heavier than most standard mushroom baskets (1.9 lbs. including lid).

Dimensions: 19" x 14" x 6"

Capacity: Generally holds 10 lbs. of fresh mushrooms, capacity will vary by type of product harvested.

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Forest Foods Ltd. is an understory (non-timber) resource development company. We work with rural & Indigenous communities to grow sustainable local economies with the goal of changing forest value structures. Our products are harvested sustainably, with the support and engagement of local communities.

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