This scroll is completely water proof and will help you ID and find the edible wild mushrooms you need to know about. The back of the scroll can be used for waterproof note taking with a ball point pen. I chose 12 of the most easily to identify and common mushrooms found throughout the US. Each column has the name, picture, description, habitat, season, and lookalikes. The scroll also has foraging tips to help you make the most of your day. The center of the scroll has a diagram that shows characteristics of various species of mushrooms condensed into one.  Once you know the parts of a mushroom, the ID comes a lot easier. You need to do online research once you ID a mushroom. Online groups and forums have a lot of helpful people.  Look for the actual mushroom, then research lookalikes. Always be 100 percent sure! "You don't need to be able to ID all the mushrooms just the good ones."

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Workshop to woods
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I make all my products way up in the north woods. Handcrafted functional foraging art. Perfect additions to any foraging pack. Compact and functional.

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