Maitake has the following properties:

Manages sugar levelsLowers choloesterol levelsImmune benefitsInhibits cancer developmentD-FractionPacked with antioxidantsProtects against diabetes

Turkey tail has the following properties:

AntitumorEnhances effects of radiation therapyAntioxidant activityBoosts immune responseAdjunctive treatment in cancer chemotherapyLowers cholesterolIncreases interferon production

Lionsmane has the following properties: 

Enhanced memoryEnhanced brain functionBeneficial effects on digestionProvides neuro-protective effectRepairs myelin-sheathsActs as a natural anti-depressantImproves cognitive functionHelps treat peptic ulcersEnhances immune system

Reishi has the following properties:

AntitumorImproves liver functionFacilitates detoxificationPromotes heart healthBalances blood pressureHelps balance hormonesFights diabetesFights allergies and asthmaImmune benefits

Cordyceps has the following properties: 

Improves respiratory healthIncreases oxygen uptakeBoost heart healthDetoxifies the bodyPrevents certain types of cancerSlows the aging processIncreases energyImrpoves the Immune system

MYCOMATRIX is an extraction process that uses WHOLE ORGANIC FRUITBODIES grown in the USA that are allowed to mature and absorb valuable light waves that allow for the manufacture of biochemical properties of the fruitbody. Mushroom mycelium extracts, however, grown on grain in the absence of light, is chemically and qualitatively much different than mature fruitbodies. Our NATURAL process of extracting the whole fruitbodies in organic ethanol, hot water, and a third proprietary method ensures the most complete extraction possible.

All of our extracts and Mushroom Mountain products proudly carry the Certified North Carolina Association Seal, for incorporating the purest Appalachian Mountain spring water available. There’s a reason major US breweries opened East Coast branches here near Asheville, NC; it is for the water! No filtered city or distilled water; consumers will notice sweet minerals and flavors of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

*This statement has not been by the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Mushroom Mountain • Harmony with nature through fungi An integral part of the natural cycle, mushrooms are also a delicious, flavorful, nutritional and medicinal powerhouse. By imitating their natural processes we strive to deliver the organic, natural essence of mushrooms to our products. With mushrooms in our hearts, we offer high quality spawn, fruiting kits, workshops, consultations and studies, farm tours and mushroom related books and gifts. Join us on our journey to expand our knowledge and harness the supreme power of mushrooms.

Mycomatrix • Medicinal Mushroom ExtractsMyco = fungus, Matrix = origin or cellular grid - A mushroom based extract that is a potent water soluble nutraceutical food and a beverage supplement, containing anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, in addition to beneficial and novel compounds only found in mushrooms. Our extraction process uses whole organic mushroom fruit bodies which are allowed to mature and absorb valuable light waves. This allows for the creation of biochemical properties within the mushroom fruit body. Other mushroom extracts produced on a commercial scale are grown on grain in the absence of light, and are chemically and qualitatively different than extracts made with mature mushroom fruit bodies. Our natural process of extracting the whole fruit bodies ensures a more nutrient rich and potent extraction. Furthermore the absence of grain makes our extraction gluten free.

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