Our :Not Chicken" Broth Powder can be used in place of those little grocery store chicken or veggie cubes. You can pronounce all of the ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives added. This broth powder has some hidden greens and shiitake mushrooms giving it a wonderful savory taste. Once you try it, you will not go back to those pressed cubes!

Each packet contains approximately 10 teaspoons = to 10 bouillon cubes. The spices and mushrooms are organic and/or grown and wildcrafted by me.

1 ounce resealable package.

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Forager Chick
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Welcome to the Forager Chick Shop!

All of our products are created at Bella Vista Farm in Monroe, Georgia. All spices and mushrooms in our products are organic, homegrown or foraged. Bella Vista Farm has been creating natural products for over 9 years. Forager Chick is our brand and home to the Forager Chicks School.

I am a Certified Wild Mushroom Forager and Instructor with Mushroom Mountain.

If I am not making products or baking bread then I am out in the woods foraging all things wild!! I also teach homesteaders and preppers how to identify wild plants and mushrooms to use for food and medicine.

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