Nourishing herbal tea for all this tea is not just for new parents everyone can enjoy the Stapley nourishing blend it's perfect for individuals who need help replenishing nutrients and that includes post partum peeps.

HOW TO USE: add one heaping tablespoon per 8 ounces of hot water Steve for a minimum of five minutes strain and sweeten to your taste ENJOY!!

INGREDIENTS: Nettle*, Red Clover, Alfalfa, Fennel, Calendula* and Rose Petals

*These ingredients were cultivated harvest and processed by myself or other small local farms 1.5 outs $14
(Per 1.5oz)
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Firebrand Herbals
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Firebrand Herbals is the outlet of my lifelong love of potion making and plant magic. I am bio-regional herbalist, vitalist, and granny Witch. My garden is my heart and soul and most of what i offer has been tended by my own hands. The products I make are sourced from my micro organic herb farm, foraged from the 3,000 acre state forest around me, or purchased from small fellow organic farmers. My goal is to build reciprocal and nourishing relationships with the plants and people around me while crafting thoughtful and balanced herbal medicine.
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