i never made bark remedies because i didn't want to hurt the trees. 

this year i learned that i should check the woods after a storm 

during the season when it's appropriate to be harvesting the bark in question. 

so i bring to your this wild foraged oak bark tincture, lovingly harvested during late summer, hand peeled + flash dried 

after a neighboring tree fell and ripped off a small branch of a beloved young oak beside my little house in the woods. 

it is quite a strong tincture so my only caution is this: 

1-3 drops can do remarkable things if this is truly indicated for you

less is more 

and more is too much


while i mostly use oak bark for two specific kinds of situations, the model oakbark person would be in the following situation:

tissues have lost tone and are lax and apathetic. there is both chronic fluid loss and dampness in their presentation. losing water through copious clear urination, diarrhea, clammy or sweaty skin, runny eyes, runny nose, phlegmy lungs and guts/belly. they may have excessive salivation but low digestive power/apathetic digestion. gas, bloating, excess weight, edema/ water retention. sluggish, apathetic mental and physical state. feeling bogged down. lack of vascular tone/ varicose veins/lymphedema. bones/tissues demineralizing- loss of structural integrity. in this state even if a person eats well, they can probably only actually digest and assimilate simple carbs and simple sugars. their digestion/assimilation is usually uncomfortable and unpleasant. this kind of apathetic tissue state is bad for the heart. if there are heart issues they are likely secondary to this constitutional situation, so the imbalance is not rooted in the heart itself but in the overall apathetic body state. 

this often happens after extended serious illness or sometimes after extended struggles with a devastating emotional situation.

i prefer resolving the above-mentioned situation with a stimulating astringent unless one of the following indications is present:  


i use oak bark for loss of dental integrity

demineralization, weak gums and teeth, perhaps ulceration and putrification. 

i've heard miraculous stories in this respect 

this is also a specific for cavities, and it's been said many times that tiny cavities can be resolved by use of oak bark. 

i've heard reliable sources confirm this but have never had the occasion to witness it myself. 

      -a few drops of oak bark tincture in a gargle once or twice a day is excellent. 

       i would like to add a bit of myrrh to this swish but it's not necessary for good results and i don't personally have any in stock. 

       i'll try to fix that. 


the emotional indication for oakbark is for someone who "tries to out-integrity everything" who "never gives up but never wins" 

they often end up using all of their energy fighting adversity and struggling to make it work and keep their chin up. i've seen this be a very loving and kind aspiration and for people that invest everything in hoping things can be better. it can sometimes be a survival mentality, or the person feels like they truly have no choice but to carry on or lose everything. they might feel like their will is their only power in a situation. in bach flower remedies he uses oak for 'stubbornness' in people who never give up as they wear themselves down to nothing and still refuse to see things from another perspective. 

      -for purely emotional indications i would recommend 1 drop a day with a big glass of water. if there abovementioned situation 

      is at hand we would handle that dosage on a case by case basis and perhaps with other guiding herbs if possible.

      -for frail women who have been battered by adversity, i prefer white trillium. i always have it in stock. mugwort is an 

      honorable mention. it depends on overall presentation body/mind/spirit but message me and we'll figure it out together.


it fascinates me that Samuel Hahnehmann, the father of modern homeopathy, wrote an article titled 'A Household Remedy for Gangreen" in 1791 and used a strong oakbark tea to bathe infected wounds every half hour. he said after a few hours the infected smell would be gone and the wound could be managed normally after that. 

another fascination is that tanners, or people who tanned hides, strongly utilize oakbark in their process. 

*and people of this trade famously were never subject to developing tuberculosis* 

because inhaling the tannins from the oakbark literally lined their lungs, making them impenetrable to TB. 

a final note for the outdoors people. throughout history many have used oak bark reliably as a specific for diarrhea. 

it does work very well. i prefer black walnut or black raspberry for casual use. but if you are on a remote trip and get some bad water it can become a serious situation quickly. walnuts are seasonal, black raspberry or blackberry could be dug up for roots at any time of year, but oak bark is available all year in many places and is an excellent option. now you also know you can use it to pack even dirty wounds.


please feel free to message me anytime. i consult for free. we'll get you what you need to have the most minimal + affordable remedy/regimen for your particular situation. be well!

oak bark tincture- wild foraged

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