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Oregon Seaweed
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Oregon Seaweed is on a mission to provide low impact, high nutrient, fresh foods to the world. We believe that healthy, fresh ingredients do not have to come at a cost to the environment; in fact, alternative sources of protein like seaweed can help our world heal. Our seaweed needs only fresh seawater and sunshine to thrive. No pesticides, fresh water, fuels, or other harmful practices are needed for growth. AND for every four-pounds of seaweed grown, one-pound of carbon is sequestered, making this a carbon-negative sea vegetable!

With a growing population and the impacts from climate change, land-based dulse seaweed farming has obvious value for the future of food production. We hope to make seaweed a familiar and favorite food in our communities. The more seaweed that we grow, the more we can reduce our carbon footprint and provide nutritional and sustainable foods.

With 2 farms, in Bandon and Garibaldi, Oregon and 30 tanks of Dulse seaweed, Oregon Seaweed is the largest land-based seaweed farm in the United States. Our state-of-the-art aquaculture farms are controlled environments that grow some of the highest quality dulse seaweed in the Pacific Northwest.

The team comes from diverse backgrounds, ranging from commercial fishing, coastal conservation, marine sciences, research, education, and culinary arts. We’ve all come together as a team to try to positively influence our coastal communities and make a positive difference in our world. We are growing one of the most earth friendly vegetables in the world, and together we can change the way people think about the food they consume.

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