This listing is for a box of fresh Orinoco Bananas. Each hand is harvested fresh from our permaculture farm for your order; Each raceme is grown with no additives other than organic mulch and soil.


CALIFORNIA BUYERS: Bananas of all varieties are 100% OK for shipment to CA. Order away!


Orinoco Bananas should be eaten raw when *fully* yellow and a bit soft when squeezed. (See the second photo for the correct ripeness.) If you eat them when they are at all green, you’ll regret your impatience because they'll be astringent. Used for cooking, these dense bananas can be boiled green and then fried, much like plantains. Well-ripened Orinoco bananas are creamy and deeply flavored. They are excellent for freezing, as an egg substitute, in nice cream, or eating out of hand!

If fresh Orinoco bananas are not available at the time of your order, we will contact you with a ship-by date and hold the order until it can be filled.

**Fruit orders will be shipped on Mondays. Orders placed on Tuesday or later will be held until the following week for ideal freshness.**

Orinoco Bananas

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Florida, US
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