Ohio's native fruit. Taste can range from banana, vanilla, pineapple, marshmallow, and so much more range than that. Do yourself a favor and try these out for yourself!

I can now say with full confidence that I will be unable to get anymore after this week. Orders will be first come first served, so be sure to get them in while you can! As of October 28 I have around 30lbs but they are going quickly. Please message us if you have any questions. 

*1lb of pawpaws is typically 2-4 fruits, sometimes more but we try to send out bigger fruits. Each pawpaw can vary in size from slightly larger than a golf ball to the size of a hearty burrito.*

At this time I am only allowing orders of 5lb minimum, we are running one last sale, don't miss out!

Pawpaw Fruit

Ohio, US
Mushbloom Gardens
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