Organically grown blue oyster mushrooms. These make a great addition to soups.

Like other oyster mushrooms, blues are among the fastest fruiting mushrooms out there and when conditions are right clusters can double in size within a day or two! As the name suggests, their main distinguishing characteristic from other members of the genus is their striking blue color which starts of as a deep blue during pinning and turning to a smoky grey as the mushroom matures. These mushrooms can be easily grown inside but are particularly well suited to outdoor cultivation as they require a high level of fresh air exchange. However, like other members of the oyster family they are very prone to insect infestations including gnats and beetles so depending on your site, you may need to keep an eye on them and harvest relatively quickly after they start to fruit.

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Welcome to The Carman Farm where we specialize in foraged organic vegetables and mushrooms. We are located in central Indiana and harvest everything from our local surrounding. We also cultivate various culinary mushrooms including Lion's mane, Oyster and Reishi. It is our goal to provide top-quality locally foraged products for enjoyment and medicinal purposes.

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