Indian popcorn is perfect for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Kwanzaa decorating. You can't find these unique colors anywhere else. Colors range from solid vibrant red, brown, gold, and black to fun mixtures of two or more colors. Most bundles contain 3 cobs averaging 4-5inches, with bundles up to 5 available containing shorter cobs. Please select the option to personalize or send us a message if there is any chance you will be disappointed with the bundle selection that is sent to you. Bundle representations are pictured well in the listing, but as inventory dwindles, color availability is better for bundles of more- smaller cobs. All communication will be answered very quickly- please don't hesitate to email with any questions regardless of interest level. Discounts for large-volume purchases will be provided.

This organically grown corn can be planted or popped after its decorative purpose has been served, or saved for next year's display. Color requests will be honored to our best ability, however, bunches have already been made so selections are limited to what we've put together and what is still in stock.

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