This fruit is commonly known as Monstera Deliciosa. Commonly grown as a house plant the monstera is quite popular but only seems to produce fruit when in the ideal environment. After the flower has been pollinated it can take 12 entire months for the fruit reach maturity. We then harvest them and ship them.

After you recieve the fruit leave it alone on a counter top. After about 3-7 days, When ready to eat the scales will begin to fall off slowly on their own revealing the creamy, pineapple flavored pulp.


*** Be sure not to eat the fruit before it has naturally ripened as it contains TOXIC calcium oxalates that can cause severe AND POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING HARM ***

When ripe, the fruit will have an intense tropical aroma! The flavor and texture can be compared to a combination of pineapple, soursop and passionfruit! 🍍

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