there is a lot of old literature about red clover

i use it for breast and lymph health 

i really like to pair my feminine support tincture (agrimony-mugwort-black raspberry leaf) with a red clover tincture on the side

i have red clover tinctured fresh 

and i also have an infused oil that has been allowed to steep for 5+ months

flash drying fresh wild herbs and long steeping them in grapeseed oil has proven to bring about potent oils and salves

most of my clients that are seeking red clover ask for both tincture and oil so i made the oil this year. 

i find red clover to be specific where there is 

-a need for lymphatic support in female areas

-salivary issues

-rebuilding from asthenia/malnourished states (tea)

i think it's worth considering in


-menstrual issues

-certain patterns of lung disharmony

  >>especially when it seems to be indicated as a whole


i also want to note that i would consider red clover for menopause

people get worked up about phytoestrogens

i've seen a small handful of fresh red clover flower tops 

quietly and completely balance the upcoming menstrual cycle of a malnourished young lady

i think that when we're thinking about phytoestrogens 

it's important to note what other compounds are in the plant in question

especially because pharmacologically dissecting plants is very modern and new

but people have consumed these plants and developed cross cultural gnosis for millennia.

for something like red clover, it's mild and supportive with a long history of being well tolerated. 

so it's not going to hurt anyone.

but for something like black cohosh, 

we're getting into more specific and careful territory.

not to say that it's harmful, but that we need to proceed from a place of experience and mastery. 

it's by no means a 'beginner herb' and unfortunately i've seen experienced practitioners 

choose the theories of shiny modern herbal pharmacology 

over the actual person sitting in front of them who is doing poorly 

another side note to ground us in time and space:

if someone comes to me for hot flashes or night sweats, 

i expect them to start doing better within two days. 

it doesn't take long to get results from the right remedies. 

i've seen a lot of ladies take black cohosh supplements extendedly for menopause 

because they were told that the phytoestrogens would remedy their situation

and they end up having really unpleasant side effects. 

many of them thought that their side effects were the menopause symptoms themselves

and some thought that the phytoestrogens were to blame 

because there is dicey literature on both sides of the phytoestrogen debate

and truly it's mostly speculation

(soy is a very different situation for a couple reasons)

but black cohosh isn't meant to be used the way people use it.

it's an endangered slow growing root that grows in very specific environments 

it has very powerful and specific actions

nature is telling us it's not for everyone

red clover grows all over the place and makes desolate land fertile again

^pick this one 


if you want red clover for its vitamins and minerals, 

you'll have to find it fresh when it's in season

and make a tea or cold infusion

both would require a long steep.

i often have some dried clover in my apothecary 

but i don't think it stays potent for long. 

if you have experience using dried clover, shoot me a message. 

i'd love to hear what you think.

there is an interesting old account of red clover tea being excellent brain support 

for people who are over worked and starting to lose their mental dexterity

many good modern herbalists find this passage noteworthy 

and feel that red clover tea is a nourishing tonic for the brain

i've read some pharmacological analysis of red clover 

and they have well documented evidence that certain compounds in red clover 

can in fact cross the blood brain barrier. how neat is that

*but* once again, sometimes different forms of herbal preparations have markedly different effects

and red clover is one of those. tincture isn't going to give you the complex nutrition of fresh red clover. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or an outline of your situation.

i respond promptly and would be glad to help you find the most minimal + effective remedy or regimen for your specific needs

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