Foraging Guide eBook that follows the months through the year and shows what is available during that season. The book covers how to identify, harvest, and process all of the best local wild foods. The guide is written from a Redding local's perspective but many of the plants explained in the guide are available all around the country and even the world. 

The eBook will be delivered via a link to a Google Doc sent in a message here on Foraged. At which point you can choose whether or not to download the guide as a PDF or another file type. 

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California, US
Redding Forager
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Hello, I am the Redding Forager- Kyle Dall. The goal here is to make wild foods and medicines more available to people who have a hard time accessing these products while simultaneously having a positive impact on the local ecosystems where we harvest them. I do this by having conservative harvest procedures and by giving back more than I take. A large portion of my time is dedicated towards propagating native plants to be planted in areas in need of restoration- especially those areas devastated by wildfires.

Your orders on this store go 100% towards supporting these local restoration efforts in Northern California.