Fresh reishi (lingzhi mushroom, in Traditional Chinese Medicine)  harvested in July on the full moon, tinctured in alcohol and heat-extracted in water to ensure the presence of both alcohol soluble and water soluble elements of the mushroom -- this is absolutely essential for fungi tinctures and extracts. 

The reishi pictured above is what I harvested after an incredibly long, rather fruitless day of work and foraging on the evening of the July 2022 full moon. I pulled over at a park on my way home to de-compress before seeing my family, and within 50 feet of meandering I spotted an incredible flush of fresh reishi mushrooms nearly glowing in the dim shade of a beech tree along the wood line. I don't believe in much, but sometimes the universe gives us little signs that we are still on the right path. I hope to share the incredible healing power of reishi, and the fortuitous energy this specific batch of reishi holds. 

Reishi is extracted by volume in 1:1 fungi matter to menstruum ratio, to ensure the strongest possible extraction.  (Menstruum is the solution the plant or fungi is being tinctured into, in this case vodka) Within 24 hours of tincturing the menstruum turned a deep amber red color, and will continue to deepen in the coming weeks. 

Price is for 1oz tincture bottle

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Welcome! Toadstool Botanicals is here to bring you closer to plants & fungi through ethically foraged and cultivated goods. This business is owned and solely run by Rachel - an herbalist, farmer, and forager living in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. I pride myself on growing or foraging every single plant that goes into each product, and highlighting the immense power of plants local to the Washington DC, mid-Atlantic, and East Coast regions. Toadstool Botanicals focuses on seasonal offerings, and working with the plants around us. I especially value foraging invasive species and practicing reciprocity with the ecosystems and plant communities I harvest from through environmental stewardship and education. Feel free to drop me a message any time if you have questions about foraging in metropolitan areas, how I source different items, or anything else that comes to mind!

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