Reach your maximum performance. Acts as a stimulant, increasing nervous system

function to help the body better handle and adapt to stress. It can reduce anxiety and

stress, help fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone in men, and even boost

brain function.

Reishi mushrooms boost energy, reduce blood pressure, and slow the aging

process.They have anti-cancer potential, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and

improve cognitive ability.

-INGREDIENTS: Organic Green Yerba Mate, Organic Sencha Green,Organic Tulsi

GojiBerry, Organic Eleuthero, Organic LemonGrass, Organic Ground Reishi.

Brewing for tea bags:

– 1 tea bag (2.5g) in a cup (8 fl. oz) of water at 200-208°F.

– 4-10-minute rest, or to taste.

– Ready to enjoy

Reishi ENERGY Tea Bags

Texas, US
Reishi & Health
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Hi ! I am Roxana Aparicio, I am a physician and founder of Reishi & Health a woman owned farm located in Houston. We focused on growing the best functional mushrooms around.

I started this business a year ago after the sudden death of my husband because of a rare type of cancer. I decided to give up traditional medicine and get into the functional mushrooms world. I put the best of my medical knowledge in this product to promote health and longevity in a nature way.

I created six blends of functional teas with reishi mushroom and the best combination of organic natural herbs each of them with its particular health goal. no additive no sugar no artificially flavoring. all naturally organic and locally grown.

I want to bring health and wellness through tea ritual. Herbs are about more than physical results they’re also about mental benefits. The process itself is a form of self care.