Down East Cow Tomme
 is a handmade, natural rind cheese that is crafted in the style of a traditional European Tomme. This cheese is made with the fresh raw organic cow's milk from our friends down the road at Tide Mill Farm. This is a fairly mild cheese that features a smooth and buttery texture thanks to the rich Winter milk that is used to create it. The flavors and aromas of this cheese tend to be nutty, buttery and delicately mushroomy. This versatile cheese is perfect on a cheese plate or a charcuterie board with a wide range of fare. It can also be used for cooking as it melts very well.

Milk: Tide Mill’s certified-organic raw cow milk
Flavor Profile:
 Nutty, creamy and savory
Rind: Natural rind
Wheel Size: 3-5 lbs
Age: 90-120 days

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Josh Pond blueberries are Maine-indigenous, wild, low-bush berries that are exceptional in their taste and quality. They are nurtured and guided by farmers who have been hand-harvesting these wild berries for generations. With their knowledge and expertise, Josh Pond provides authentic and flavorful organic, wild blueberries to individuals and families all around the country.

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