Moon Hill is an extra-aged hard cheese made from our own raw organic goat’s milk. This cheese is only produced in the season when the flora of our lush Maine pastures are at the peak of their diversity and abundance, as that is the time when our milk is perfectly suited to create a hard cheese of this style. The richness of the goat’s diet has a direct impact on this cheese, giving it a wonderfully complex aroma and flavor profile that ranges from toffee, toasted almonds and wildflower honey, to fresh herbs and caramel.

Milk: Raw organic goat milk
Flavor profile: Sweet and savory, herbaceous, nutty, black garlic
Rind: Natural brushed
Wheel Size: 5 - 7 lbs
Age: 250 - 400 days

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Josh Pond blueberries are Maine-indigenous, wild, low-bush berries that are exceptional in their taste and quality. They are nurtured and guided by farmers who have been hand-harvesting these wild berries for generations. With their knowledge and expertise, Josh Pond provides authentic and flavorful organic, wild blueberries to individuals and families all around the country.

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