Wild Turkey Tail

(trametes versicolor)

freshly foraged, rack dried, and ROASTED!

Are you anxious to add Turkey Tail to your daily routine? Our buyers frequently ask about the best way to enjoy the taste of Turkey Tail and ways to incorporate it into their diet. In response, we're now offering Turkey Tail which has been carefully roasted in order to make a product that you can add as-is to any meal or drink, you don't have to cook it first. Many people are unaware that even dried mushrooms must be cooked in order to be digested. Here we have already taken care of that step for you. Simply take a bit of roasted mushroom and grind it with your morning coffee, step it in your tea, add it to your hot chocolate or even grind and add like protein powder to health shakes. Try Turkey Tail's pleasant flavor (often compared to popcorn or roast nuts) added to oatmeal or sprinkled on yogurt, try cooking it into breads or brownies, add a bit to burgers for an umami kick, add it to pasta dishes, even desserts!

You will receive an ounce (it takes nearly a half pound of fresh turkey tail to equal an ounce dried and roasted!) of gently roasted turkey tail mushrooms which have been collected from different colonies in order to bring you a nice mix of colors and properties and packaged in a decorative plastic jar.

Are you looking for a thoughtful mushroom gift to give this holiday season? These jars make a great stocking stuffer for the gourmets and the health nuts on your list and great stocking stuffers.

Roasted Turkey Tail (Ready to Use!)

(per 1 oz)
River Valley Wildcrafting
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We're 3rd generation wild-crafters who sustainably gather from Midwest forests. All of our plants and mushrooms offered for sale have been carefully identified and harvested by expert wild-crafters who use modern scientific best-practices and traditional low-impact harvesting. We only ship products of the finest grade so they arrive in your kitchen in excellent condition. We're honored to be able to gather the magical bounty of the forests and deliver it to you!