i tinctured the roses fresh on a perfect summer day 

i was surprised to see that the alcohol became pink and the roses looked like ghosts, 

completely leeched of their color. 

roses have a long history of use

they are said to be of service in heartbreak and grief

and in matters of love and passion

on one hand, they open the heart to love. on the other, they check and cool excess desire

energetically rose is cooling + mildly astringent

it gently cleans up the lymphatics

sweeps phlegm out of the system at large

and checks vaginal or seminal discharges. 

i tend to think of rose as a specific for very delicate, sensitive people

who tend towards weakness and deficiency.  

but it has classically also been equally used for people who are hot and in an excitation state

many good herbalists use it palliatively to relieve autoimmune excess

i take a different approach to autoimmune and work more on root causes

but rose is a very good very safe coolant and gentle astringent 

which would be of good use in autoimmune situations, fevers, congested menstrual cycles and feelings of liver congestions.

indeed many reliable authors of antiquity used rose to 'purge choler' as well as phlegm

though modern authors seem to focus on it's effects of purging phlegm and dealing with yeast issues

i find it notable here that while this can definitely be a constitutional imbalance,

i'ts important to consider lifestyle factors that could contribute to yeast issues

if you're eating a lot of dairy, sugar and processed foods or simple carbs (which break down to sugar)

there's a chance that you won't find the results you're hoping for

or maybe rose will work well as long as you continue to take it. 

sometimes we need a warming tea like fresh ginger for more gut related symptoms


i don't often use rose as a specific 

but i do use it as a main ingredient in tea blends.

good morning grouchy tea is the best tea on the market for sick days and daily detox (hold me to it) and contains rose petals.

rose colored glasses contains rose petals and rose hips. both are decorated best sellers and mood boosters. 

'boundaries' and 'the star' are excellent herbal teas that contains rose hips

and 'lucky you' from the charmed box also contains rose hips. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. please feel free to reach out any time with questions or an outline of your situation and i would be happy to help. i typically respond promptly

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mirror mirror tea + alchemy
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mirror mirror tea + alchemy
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i make products to help you meet yourself where you are,

on your way to where you want to be.

hi, i'm Sydney

the one lady band behind mirrormirror

i design and carve the stamps for the packaging.

every products is individually hand stamped.

i meticulously formulate my teas + tinctures.

i've slowly perfected my line of entirely natural essential oil candles.

i wild forage and process nearly all the herbs and medicines for my tinctures + clinical practice. i sneak wild goods into my teas as much as possible.

whether you're seeking fine teas, natural candles, gifts or remedies for your health,

your interest and support means everything to me. my business is very small

but you won't find a better cup of tea or more heartfelt products from anyone else.

tea, plants + natural medicines are my life and passion.

i strive to keep my prices fair + affordable. every product is made by my own two hands

and i couldn't be happier to share them.

cheers to you☕️❤️

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