i home grow my sage, harvest it on a perfect summer day on a full moon and tincture it fresh in vodka

people tend to overlook common herbs 

but humans all over the world have used sage for a lot of things for a very long time


sage is a specific for strep and throat afflictions 

both acute and chronic 

hot sage tea alone is enough for acute situations

for chronic or tonsil issues a hot cup of hot sage tea with 1-5 drops of black walnut hull is the way to go

self heal is an honorable mention here as well 


i like hot sage tea for cold, apathetic digestion

especially when fats don't digest and assimilate well

it's very good for colicky abdominal pains 

there may or may not be sluggish gall bladder issues here 

i would consider it for ulcerations or other internal putrifications that need help resolving 

it can also be really useful for regulating appetite. 

drink tea hot with orange peel for low appetite

drink tea cold with lemon for excessive appetite 


you might see creaky achy joints that get worse in damp, cold weather. 

you might also see withered or weak tendons and ligaments. 

skin is dry. premature aging is a big indication here. 

hormones might get out of whack after awhile

you need to be able to digest fats well to build steroids and sex hormones

there are a handful of reasons that digestion/assimilation could become weak

it could also be constitutional but there are some things we can do here to get back on track

if you let this go for too long, you could deplete your adrenals and really get into a sticky situation.

especially when there is at least one other considerable imbalance

to name a few:

insomnia, anxiety, thyroid issues, serious digestive issues, trauma, prolonged illness or invasive treatment

menopause going really poorly is another troublesome trigger

>>peek my description for borage for a full outline on adrenal fatigue 

  and shoot me a message. we'll get you sorted out.


sage is often good for menopause

and is believed to act on the hypothalamus, the top of the endocrine cascade,

especially because sage is also a very reliable remedy for 

-drying up breast milk

-balancing appetite, salivation and sex drive


matthew wood mentions a specific indication that was often used in the distant past:

sage has been used to preserve the nervous system during invasive viral infections

while this certainly isn't the case for most viruses, it's an important indication to keep in your back pocket. 


sage has been of great interest in managing certain degenerative conditions that effect brain integrity, circulation and memory.

if some of the above mentioned indications speak to you, there is certainly an overall constitution that is really suited to sage. 


can be used for lipomas and varicosities externally. it seems to do well for certain breast issues as well.

i do have bulk sage essential oil for external use.

i also make all natural sage essential oil candles.


sage is a very safe herb as long as it's not taken for too long

it can become over stimulating and overly drying

1 cup of tea for 2-3 weeks 

2 cups of tea a day for 7-10 days

1-10 drops of tincture for acute situations for up to 1 week

1-5 drops of tincture for more extended use 

it has been said that hot tea is excellent for tonifying and soothing cold digestion, 

throat ailments lack of sweating, cold extremities, joint pain, and lack of oil in skin. 

cold tea is good for quieting overactive digestion, elimination, sweating, salivation + sex drive.

if you're taking it as a tincture always have a glass of water after tincture. 

you can guide actions further by making the water hot, cold or room temp. 


i use homegrown sage in my dream tea 'lucid' and 'open book' from the heartfelt box

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. i would be glad to answer any questions of do a consultation to help you find the most minimal + effective remedy or regimen to suit your specific needs. feel free to send me a message any time.

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