1 oz, approximately 22 servingsThe Serene Sleep Loose Herbal Tea Blend is not your normal sleepy time tea. Most teas used for sleep focus primarily on strong nervine relaxants, meaning herbs that have a strong relaxing on the nervous system which hep to make you feel sleepy/drowsy. Serene Sleep does contain herbs that support rest in this way (Lavender and Chamomile) but it also focuses on herbs that support the nervous system overall (Wood Betony and Oat Tops). This helps to nourish and restore the nervous system while you are asleep so not only do you get a good nights sleep, but you also wake up feeling rested and recharged. This tea blend can help to support those with anxious feelings or nervousness throughout the day as well, by relaxing and nourishing the nervous system. However, it may make some feel sleepy. For this reason I recommend trying it during the day first to see how this combination of herbs effects you.Flavor: Serene Sleep has a floral lavender flavor and naturally subtly sweet thanks to Licorice RootIngredients: Lavender, Chamomile, Licorice Root, Wood Betony, Oat Tops & lots of loveLavender is a relaxing and uplifting herb. It is great for times of stress and nervousness, thanks to its aromatic compound linalool. Since lavender is a relaxing/gentle sedative herb it can help relax the mind & body for a restful sleep. The blue-violet color of this beautiful herb, one of its doctrine of signatures, is associated with calm & relaxation. These colors are also associated with a higher frequency and connected to the throat, third-eye and crown chakras.Chamomile is another relaxing nervine and helps to calm the nervous system. In this way it supports sleep. Chamomile is also widely used for its bitter action, which aids in digestion.Oat Tops nourish, strengthen and revive the nervous system. This is another nervine meaning if you are having trouble sleeping due to stress, anxious feelings, nervousness, restlessness, etc. it can help to relax the nervous system and support sleep. Oat Tops also help to support overalls restoration of the nervous system.Wood Betony* (Stachys betonica) is neutral to cooling/drying, nourishes and supports nervous system, slightly relaxing, ease tension/feelings of nervousness, mild affects, works best over long periods of time, aids in digestion (especially with issues are related to autonomic nervous system i.e. loss of appetite from nervousness), promotes wound healing (including in the digestive system), calms overdriven Pitta and helps with dampness, helps Vata by promoting downward movement to ground and anchor vital force and reconnect with the body, supports digestion with Kapha.*Wood Betony should be avoided during pregnancy
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