i don't use shepherd's purse often but it is considered specific for passing 'sand' like debris through urination and is a very good herb to astringe even serious bleeding.

it is useful to heal inward wounds, especially for things like passing sand or stone which would cause some inward injury on its way out. any time you're experiencing issues of this sort, first of all make sure you're safe from a proper doctor. i often get messages from people who have been told that they're ok to pass stones on their own and aren't eligible for surgery or ultrasound interventions. in these kinds of situations, i strongly recommend a general mucilage like marshmallow root *as a tea* to take with shepherd's purse to minimize the internal injury on its way out. if it's too late to catch it on the fly, marshmallow root gives you a cooling, slippery layer to soothe irritated or injured membranes. but if this is a recurring situation please message me so we can figure out why and prevent further troubles. 

i included an option for a small bag of marshmallow root for tea as a companion for your tincture if needed

there is historical and modern success using shepherd's purse for postpartum bleeding as well as for women with heavy menstrual flow.

i reliably use different herbs for these indications but have seen reliable + conclusive evidence that it works well. 

this is a food grade herb from the mustard family. very safe. many cultures eat it as a cooked vegetable. it's a little spicy. 

feel free to message me any time. i consult for free for your safety and benefit.

be well!

shepherd's purse tincture-wild foraged + tinctured fresh

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