i have used lobelia a lot 

while it's safe even when taken inappropriately,

i strongly encourage even low doses to be used with caution and respect. 


+ vagus nerve afflictions 

+ certain nerve conditions and 

+ asthma.

these are the few indications that i typically use lobelia for. 

and not uncommonly, i use different herbs altogether or try other herbs first. 

a side note on A fib (a vagus nerve issue): 

if you have A fib and sleep apnea, you need a mouth guard. i've seen A fib go away altogether after years of struggle from starting to use a mouth guard at night. remarkable. 


lobelia is both stimulating and intensely relaxing. 

it is a cleansing herb that relaxes constrictions, opens the pores and tiny tubes of the body and expels phlegm and obstruction. 

you want to do that slowly for your comfort and peace of mind. 

though it's totally safe to take at higher doses and really put yourself through an ordeal,

as historically it's a reliable emetic. 

historically there are many well documented stories where this tiny sprig of a plant was said to 'call to men' in particular to eat it. 

they would comply and pretty promptly begin sweating and purging from both ends. they thought they'd been tricked by a poisonous plant and were dying. but they'd fall into a deep sleep and wake up a few hours later as if miraculously born again, feeling better than ever. in lure it's said to be a fairy plant. 

i've eaten fresh flowers from the tiny plant and it is immediately and intensely spicy and stimulating. 

i'm truly not sure how they managed to chew and swallow the whole thing. 


i make this tincture with a half gallon of wild skull cap tinctured fresh and a tiny sprig of fresh lobelia inflata. 

i take the remedy in 1-3 drop doses AT NIGHT 

and even at 1 drop still feel the burn of the fresh plant taste. 

make sure that 1 drop suits you for at least a week before you decide to have 2 drops and so on. 

less is more and more is too much. 

if taken as i've directed it should give you a warning before it throws you for a loop. 

but i'm not kidding when i say it's fine to take just one drop and never try more. 

homeopathic doses are great and it works progressively so you won't need it for too long. 

you can even put a drop on your chest, forehead and the bottom of each foot if you'd prefer and i think it would work just fine. 

i have a quart of homeopathic lobelia plain and this half gallon of skull cap + lobelia

it's commonly said to be good to pair lobelia with a second herb that fully suits the person's overall presentation. 

skull cap is an excellent nervine and i have a full description up under my skull cap tincture. 


i've heard of other herbalists commonly using lobelia for anxiety and trauma. i prefer skull cap and ghost pipe. skull cap is absolutely excellent for anxiety, even extreme anxiety, and is a safe and harmless member of the mint family. fresh ghost pipe has the same taste as lobelia, but it doesn't transfer into the tincture so clearly. i personally theorize that it also acts on the vagus nerve. at higher than necessary doses ghost pipe will just put a person to sleep and possibly bring out a light sweat. it is indispensable in working through trauma and shadow work if a person is ready to do that work. 

reishi is another good choice but is more restorative, nourishing and grounding. 

mimosa is excellent for when you've done your shadow work and it's time to return to the light

my divine feminine tincture is another consideration. it's especially good for sexual trauma. 

the reason i don't use lobelia for anxiety is because i don't feel comfortable giving someone with anxiety an herb that could even possibly cause an unpleasant effect. i also find it completely unnecessary and have several reliable protocols with different herbs. 

but i respect that some people use it and like it. it is safe. i can add a homeopathic dose to another tincture for you or you could get a 1/2 oz tincture of either lobelia offering. 

feel free to message me any time. i'd be glad to help you find a remedy or regimen to suit your specific needs as minimally and noninvasively as possible. be well!

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