Soaproot (Chlorogalum pomeridianum), also called soap lily, is a native wild plant that has many uses. The juice from the bulb can make soap or glue. The hairs around the bulb can make light duty ropes and brushes. The leaves are edible and the bulb is also with special preparation. It has been used extensively by many groups of native Californian peoples since the dawn of time. Flowers after 7 years, beautiful white flowers that open at night and are pollinated by native moth species. Plants sprout readily in the winter and grow somewhat slowly. In the summer they will go dormant (die back) and will not need even a drop of water and they will come back in the winter again.

Seed pack comes with 10 seeds. 

Soaproot Seeds

California, US
Redding Forager
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Hello, I am the Redding Forager- Kyle Dall. The goal here is to make wild foods and medicines more available to people who have a hard time accessing these products while simultaneously having a positive impact on the local ecosystems where we harvest them. I do this by having conservative harvest procedures and by giving back more than I take. A large portion of my time is dedicated towards propagating native plants to be planted in areas in need of restoration- especially those areas devastated by wildfires.

Your orders on this store go 100% towards supporting these local restoration efforts in Northern California.