Spore Spark is a 100% caffeine free coffee substitute based on 5 natural ingredient extracts. Smells like coffee, tastes like coffee with an added energy boost. Not like other mushroom coffee substitutes, Spore Spark is entirely water soluble. No leftover residue or grit, no bitterness or acidity. Treated just like an instant coffee and prepared and way you like. The dandelion, barley, rye, chicory root, and cordyceps extracts are blended in just the right ratios to bring you a good tasting natural source of energy without the crash. Ignite your morning with a cup of Spore Spark!

150 grams, 50+ cups of coffee

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Focusing on fresh medicinal and gourmet mushrooms, The Spore Store aims at getting harder to find fungi to the consumer. With the highest possible rate of biological efficiency and as little waste as possible. Harboring the general belief that everyone should have access to quality fungi and produce.

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