Our Honey-Hoba® Body Butter is specially processed to take advantage of the buttery qualities of the jojoba (hohoba) waxy ester properties for the creamiest, silkiest, rich, warm, soothing spruce healing skin nourishing relief that's ever graced your skin.

For men and women. It's 4 simple ingredients, including REAL, sustainably foraged spruce sap. And it really works.

Great feedback from kitchen staff to gardeners, farmers to ski patrollers and backcountry rescuers. Travelers simply visiting the mountains take the scents of the mountains home with them and order more because, quite simply, nothing works better than SPRU-SEAL®!

(Per 2oz)
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Originally crafted to provide the Market a highly effective, 100% organic, skin-nourishing, TRUE balm made with REAL spruce tree resin for soothing and rejuvenating even the most relentlessly dry, cracked knuckles and painfully split fingertips. Adding honey to the recipes makes it great for dry lips, too.

Remember to Hydrate! Especially in the mountains.

Spru-Seal...to feel the Spruce Heal!

Available in Lip Balms, 1oz. Body Balms & 2oz Honey-Hoba® Body Butters.

Every container contains REAL SPRUCE SAP.

Our Foragers not only bring the Ancient Forest to more and more Modern People, but we're also bringing more People back to the Forest in the form of much-needed Fire Mitigators!

Come join us!

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