S p r u c e S y r u p
Order of FIFTEEN (15) 8 fl. oz. fancy, durable, square glass marasca bottles.

Better than maple. There, we said it.

Wild foraged, soft, plush, new growth of the mighty spruce tree between 9,000 to 11,000 feet in elevation and then fermented in a 2:1 organic cane sugar and filtered water solution for 4 weeks before simmering into a golden, rich not-so-simple syrup of surprisingly fruity notes and undeniably sprucey aromas that make for an addictively sweet and mildly sour flavor experience.

Tag us in your sprucey creations! #sprusrup

Try it over ice cream, crepes, shaved ice, in hot cocoa, coffee, tea, milkshakes, cocktails, mocktails, soda, cake icing, and even as a glaze for fish and meat!

Straight from the Forest, for your utter delight.

Supporting the Spruce Healing Initiative to end Veteran homelessness and clear the National Forests of wildfire hazards in one fell swoop!


Help us end Veteran Homelessness (and Suicide) by re-positioning these highly trained and skilled and well-intentioned individuals at the edges of Civilization instead of uselessly in the heart of Commercial city centers, guarding the periphery of the Civilized World.

There are currently as many, if not more, homeless Veterans as there are employees in the entire Forest Service agency. The Forest Service needs People to methodically roam the millions of acres of National Forest. Our non-profit sister organization, the Spruce Healing Initiative, plans to be the spark that initiates the program for returning Veterans, EMTs, athletes, and anyone else seeking a deeply reconnecting experience to alleviate personally traumatic experiences and rekindle the camaraderie that's largely missing from modern Society. Building Community. From the edges to the very heart of Society.
(Per 120oz)
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Originally crafted to provide the Market a highly effective, 100% organic, skin-nourishing, TRUE balm made with REAL spruce tree resin for soothing and rejuvenating even the most relentlessly dry, cracked knuckles and painfully split fingertips. Adding honey to the recipes makes it great for dry lips, too.

Remember to Hydrate! Especially in the mountains.

Spru-Seal...to feel the Spruce Heal!

Available in Lip Balms, 1oz. Body Balms & 2oz Honey-Hoba® Body Butters.

Every container contains REAL SPRUCE SAP.

Our Foragers not only bring the Ancient Forest to more and more Modern People, but we're also bringing more People back to the Forest in the form of much-needed Fire Mitigators!

Come join us!

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