These dried staghorn sumac berries are vibrant and delicious, and can be used to make your own vinegar, lemonade or as a natural dye. In addition to their beautiful color, they have a tart flavor that adds a unique taste to dishes like salsa, hummus and salad dressing. 

Staghorn Sumac Berries - Dried, Sorted and Ready to Use

District of Columbia, US
Toadstool Botanicals
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Welcome! Toadstool Botanicals is here to bring you closer to plants & fungi through ethically foraged and cultivated goods. This business is owned and solely run by Rachel - an herbalist, farmer, and forager living in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. I pride myself on growing or foraging every single plant that goes into each product, and highlighting the immense power of plants local to the Washington DC, mid-Atlantic, and East Coast regions. Toadstool Botanicals focuses on seasonal offerings, and working with the plants around us. I especially value foraging invasive species and practicing reciprocity with the ecosystems and plant communities I harvest from through environmental stewardship and education. Feel free to drop me a message any time if you have questions about foraging in metropolitan areas, how I source different items, or anything else that comes to mind!