Our sweet and tangy marmalade, exclusively handmade with fresh Ojai Pixie Tangerines.

Key Ingredients: Fresh Ojai Pixie Tangerines, Cane Sugar & California Sunshine

Season: Year-round, sweetheart.

Flavor Profile: Sweet and tangy, this zesty bright dollop of sunshine will make you glow inside and out.


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California, US
Marmalade Grove
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In the sun-drenched valley of Ojai in California is Marmalade Grove, our little piece of Eden. In this land of beauty, pleasure and romance our citrus orchards grow heavy with nature's delights, the fruits of paradise.

Our Tango tangerines, Pixies, Meyer lemons, Ruby Valencia and Cara Caras thrive in the splendor of the Californian sun, plump and bursting with flavor. A traveling feast carefully picked by loving hands and delivered from paradise for you to feast in sensuous delight.

Each fruit in our harvest comes with a gift, a sensorial invitation to ground yourself in the present.

Take a moment to awaken your senses. Experience the inviting weight of the tangerine in your hand, the way its skin gives as it's gently peeled, the sharp zesty scent that remains on the tips of your fingers, the soft fruit inside your mouth as it bursts with flavor.