teasel is an outstanding and life changing remedy for a handful of situations.

it's best used as a specific. 

i strongly considered only releasing this tincture with a consultation, but decided against it. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. i strongly recommend sending me a message so we can be on the same page.

dosage really matters with teasel, but i can't give you a good outline for that without knowing your situation. 

it's also commonly taken in pulses with breaks in between. this is a remedy that will definitely let you know when it's time to take a break or change dosage. it's not unsafe, but it can be uncomfortable if you don't know how to read the situation.

i like explaining that to people on a case by case basis so you can feel safe and confident. 

i also think for optimal results teasel is almost always fantastic and promptly effective in a tiny, intentional regimen.

i use teasel religiously for 3 kinds of situations:

1. spinal injuries / serious injuries

teasel root is strongly neuroprotective and helps your body repair itself on a deep level. 

it's a specific for injuries to nerve rich areas. i often pair it with reishi or the hermit blend. 

i also like to use it with st john's wort sometimes when there are no medications involved. 

these are times when skull cap or ghost pipe are sometimes important as well. 

bone broth is critical here. 

**sometimes it is a good choice for old injuries in quiet low doses. often with my joint support tincture. 

2. lyme

this is a terrible disease. i've had it. i understand it. it takes a thorough consultation and working together closely to uproot it. 

i'm always glad to help people with chronic lyme. there is a lot we can do. we have to tread carefully to avoid doing too much too fast.

teasel root creates a boundary between pathogens and the deepest inner wirings of the system. dosage can be a big deal here. i always start slow and conservatively. using teasel for lyme is a modern development for an ancient remedy.  

3. degenerative imbalances

i probably can't write about this openly without etsy closing my shop so i'll be a bit vague. message me if this is something you need support with. we would have to work closely and develop a regimen specific to you anyways. teasel root is strongly neuroprotective. it can get between a pathogen and the body's deepest inner wirings. we start by seeing how someone responds to creating that boundary and we super nourish them with bone broth and medicinal mushrooms and antioxidant rich foods like seaweeds. we facilitate deep, productive sleep for deep repairs. we use nervines to keep the body in parasympathetic mode. as things evolve we adapt. 

i also use teasel for a 4th situation that has been explorative. 

4. turning deeper nervous system fx back on after serious trauma

i kept seeing women in particular that had experienced serious traumas (often ptsd level) 

and became anemic. i theorize that because trauma changes the brain and system to tend towards sympathetic excess 

higher functions of the nervous system and general bodily processes are disrupted to rewire the system for immediate survival. it seems like this 'turns the bones off' and they stop making new blood effectively. the sympathetic state is very hard on the body and is not 'fuel efficient' metabolically speaking. it burns through reserves and nutritional reserves. we need to pair the teasel with nervines like skull cap and medicinal mushroom teas to reverse this inappropriate wiring. the teasel seems to 'turn the bones back on' and reignite the digestive spark if it's been lost. sometimes anemia is constitutional and sometimes it's a nutrition/lifestyle matter. we can work on it from your specific presentation. inquire within!

please feel free to reach out any time. i consult for free for your safety and benefit.

teasel root- tinctured fresh wild foraged

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