Masterfully blended with O'ahu grown Thai Chilis and tangy lime. Thai Chilis bring not only a respectable kick but also a delicious light berry-like flavor that cooperates perfectly with the sour lime juice. An essential for those who want a taste of Thai style spice.

(per 5 oz)
Hawaii, US
Keones Killer Pupukea Peppers
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Driving beyond the monstrous waves thundering at Pipeline and just before the legendary Waimea Bay, legend has it that you can find the skilled sauce craftsman Keone cultivating his Killer Pupukea Peppers and brewing hot batches of his Killer Pupukea Sauce atop a mysterious mountain. Not all know of it, but those who do have felt a flavor and heat unrivaled. Small batches, locally grown ingredients, and killer Pupukea peppers are the secrets to it all, making you want just a few more dabs every single time you bust the bottle out.