Foraged Wild Golden Chantrelles

Simply beautiful and delicious

On Delivery

Orders take 1-3 business days to harvest, pack, and ship. Overnight Shipping MON - WED before the weekendThese mushrooms are fresh when weighed. They may lose up to a quarter of their weight in water or break a bit. 

After Delivery

Refrigerate Immediately5 -7 day Shelf LifeAbsorb excess moisture with a towelBrush clean them Cook Before EatingDaily Check to remove spoiled mushrooms: not slimy, moist; no green or black spots, goldenDry or Freeze for longer storageEnjoy

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Mycosm Journeyor
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Mycosm Journeyor
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Wild Foraged Mushrooms

Certified for Safe Identification by Mushroom Mountain

All mushroom sources are harvested with sustainable practices

I am a new forager proud to offer my best finds from the forests of southern Appalachian.

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