The Truffle Umami Bundle brings together savory hot sauces and seasoning to make every dish more delicious. Featuring organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, plant-based, and fresh ingredients, each sauce and seasoning is bursting with flavor. Real black truffle, porcini mushrooms, kelp fronds, oven dried olives, and nutritional yeast are just a few of the sources of Umami we use. From our kitchen to your table, this set of flavors will turn everyday cooks into chefs, and snacks from something good to something great.

Set includes Umami Everyday Sauce (5 oz bottle), Umami All-Purpose Seasoning Salt (7 oz shaker jar), Truffle Hound Hot Sauce (8 oz bottle), and Truffle Fire Hot Sauce (5 oz bottle). Ships in a recyclable, Seed Ranch branded gift box.

Refrigeration is not necessary. Simply store in a cool dry place. Because we don't use any gums or preservatives, separation may occur. Give the sauce a good shake before you use it. All Non-GMO Ingredients.
(Per 22oz)
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Ever since we started selling sauce at the Boulder Farmer's Market in 2017, we've been inspired by using high quality, fresh ingredients and home cooking to come up with our new flavors.

Seed Ranch has been plant-based from the beginning. Our products are made with plant-based cooking in mind, and even our name, Seed Ranch Flavor Co, came from the idea that the best food is grown from seeds.

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