We are offering 

 Three Artisanal Truffle Salts.

1.Black Winter Truffle Salt 50 Grams

(Tuber Melanosporum)

2.Burgundy Truffle Salt 50Grams

 (Tuber Uncinatum)

3.Spring White Truffle Salt 50 Grams

  (Tuber Borchii)

This is a great specialty salt set for anyone curious about Truffles.

They are a rare species of underground mushroom.

They are mostly found in the wild with the help of loyal truffle dogs.

Each type of truffle will have its distinct flavor, texture & aroma depending on the terroir.

1. White Spring Truffles 

 ( Tuber Borchii Bianchetto

It has Sharp garlic notes much more aromatic than the Precious White Truffles

at a fraction of the cost.

2. The Burgundy Truffle ( Tuber Uncinatum )

 as delicate hazelnut aroma that pairs with many foods.

 3. Black Winter Truffles ( Tuber Melanosporum)


 The Black Diamond of the kitchen.


This Truffle is extremely pungent & persistent taste.


It is prized for it wine like fruity, cheesy notes. 

 It is a very unique experience for every person.

 This Salt can be used on any food you desire. Your creativity awaits!

  If you have any questions. Contact us anytime. Thank you for stopping by.

(Per 45150 grams)
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