GUT HEALTH- Turkey Tail contains prebiotics which help nourish good bacteria in the gut. This helps digestion and aids in fighting bacterial infection in the gut from harmful bacteria.


CANCER RESISTANCE- Studies have shown that certain polysaccharides in Turkey Tail can help fight cancer and reduce tumor size in people being treated for cancer. 


ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE- Turkey Tail has been shown to improve athletic performance and recovery. 


This extract is made with Turkey Tail fruiting bodies, grown in a controlled environment with organic compounds of the highest quality. Turkey Tail has powerful nutrients which can improve gut health, immune function and performance. Studies done with Turkey Tail extracts have shown that it can help to fight cancer, HPV, fatigue and bacterial infections. 

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Vesper Mushrooms
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Vesper Mushrooms is a mushroom extract producer located in Portland, OR.

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We aim to elevate life by offering high quality mushroom extracts for a variety of health benefits.

Vesper liquid extracts are created through a double extraction process, which utilizes both alcohol and simmering water to extract nutrients from the cells of the mushroom. Our liquid extracts also contain wild picked huckleberries. These are high in vitamin C and increase the health benefits of the product. 

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