2 tbsp Northern Illinois Turkey Tail (medicinal mushroom) and 1tbsp mint per UN-bleached tea bag. 10 oversized tea bags, each good for 2-4 servings.

Use: simmer or steep for 15 minutes to make tea. Can be consumed daily.

Benefits of Turkey Tail: power antioxidant against aging, immune booster, gut bacteria balance, cancer fighter, increase energy/fight fatigue, remove toxins and excessive fluids, muscle strength, liver health, lower blood sugar/anti-diabetic effect, UTI’s and brain health.

Benefits of Mint: relieve digestion, headaches, clogged sinuses, improve energy, menstrual cramps, bacterial infections, weight loss, seasonal allergies, and improve concentration.

Can Gift Wrap upon request!

Illinois Turkey Tail + Mint Medicinal Tea

(per 10 tea bags)
Illinois, US
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We call ourselves “productive hikers” and also have a passion for mycology. We are city dwellers with a self sustainable lifestyle that travel throughout Illinois to forage locally. We have generational eduction of foraging in Illinois for over 30 years. We brew our own beer cultivate our own produce and filter our own water to reduce waste products leaving less of a carbon footprint. We are musicians that create house music (Dance Loud) and renovate homes with repurposed materials. We love our land!