Botanical Name: Trametes versicolor

Organically grown in USA (Washington)

Turkey Tail is a common mushroom that can be found worldwide. It has been used by many cultural traditions to improve stamina and immunity, reduce inflammation and support gut health. 

Steam extracted

Blend contains both fruiting body and mycelium, 10% Beta Glucans

Suggested Use: Add 1 tsp to boiling water and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes to make a decoction. Strain and enjoy. 

Turkey Tail, Organic 4 oz BULK BAG

New York, US
Anima Mundi Herbals
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Our Apothecary is composed of organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown botanicals. We aim to continuously source pristine, unadultured and wholesome medicines for mind body and soul wellness. Anima Mundi is devoted to making vibrant and medicinally potent remedies that honor the principles of harmony and ancient formulation that have years of anecdotal and traditional evidence.

Our founder Adriana moved to Brooklyn from Costa Rica with a mission to bridge remedies from native people within Central and South America, to modern day needs and imbalances. Since our evolution out of Adriana's tiny in-home office space, our apothecary has sustainable grown to contain over 200 different herbs from around the world, providing retailers, SPA's, hotels, boutiques, holistic doctors and physicians, trustable and well-sourced remedies. We believe in sustainable growth, from the inception of the plants we use, to our business practice. Our project educates and supports true fair trade practices, beyond organic farming, education, and small farmers to create remedies that benefit people from all walks of life.