Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) is not only immune boosting, but is famous for its anticancer and antitumor effects. It has been used extensively by cancer patients in tandem with treatments like chemotherapy to inhibit cancer cell regrowth and relieve pain. Additionally, Turkey Tail supports a healthy gut microbiome, increases stamina and energy, and can relieve inflammation in the body. 

All of our mushroom tinctures are made using a double extraction method with organic alcohol and 100% fruiting bodies grown on logs at our farm or wildcrafted.

Be advised that we cannot make any medical claims for our tinctures. The FDA has not evaluated or approved any of these mushrooms for medical purposes, however, there is increasing research to support their effects. We encourage you to do your own research as needed to investigate information on these preparations.

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Hawk Meadow Farm
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Hawk Meadow Farm
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A woodland farm situated in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region specializing in log-grown and wildcrafted mushrooms, small batch mushroom tinctures, and nature education.

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