turkey tail is the most prolific mushroom in north america  

which is so great because it's profoundly useful and safe!

if we’re in the midst of poor health i do typically use it in conjunction with other herbs and medicinal mushrooms. 

and i like to get the ball rolling with a nourishing tea blend for a couple weeks then maintenance with tincture after that. 

but a lot of people are using it preventatively it and i love it! 

i wild forage the turkey tails and flash dehydrate them. 

then i tincture them in grain alcohol, let them steep for 4-5 months, shaking occasionally. 

then i double extract the turkey tails in spring water and boil them for several hours before adding the tea to the tincture. 

i steep them for considerably longer than is typical. it makes a big difference. 


trametes versicolor quietly digests dead logs into sawdust. 

it wonderfully strengthens weak, debilitated digestion, thus reducing dampness and phlegm in the system. 

it's also known as a prebiotic, or a food for good bacteria.  


like other medicinal mushrooms, turkey tails have been shown to mobilize immunity from every angle. 

it deeply fuels and mobilizes immune factors, making it particularly useful for keeping c@ncer patients strong through difficult treatments. 

(etsy censors me) it's known to improve quality of life and reduce the unpleasant side effects of treatments. 

while this is only recently catching on in the US, Asia has known for decades (scientifically speaking) and centuries if not millennia (technically speaking).

i use turkey tail in blends for getting over a prolonged and troublesome illness, particularly when there are respiratory troubles and the client is in a weakened state. it's a very good herb for those who's vitality has really taken a hit. i also use it in chronic illness when it's appropriate. it can be a useful member of a regimen for deeply inset viruses. 

i recently learned that it shows a lot of promise for keeping H2 dormant. i have good regimens for them at present, but am very interested to see if turkey tail could be a one stop shop for this purpose. 

i love this description of turkey tail from a Japanese study:

(turkey tail is) "considered a biological response modifier, defined as a substance that causes no harm, places no additional stress on the body, helps the body adapt to environmental or biological stresses, and has nonspecific action on the body that supports major systems and regulatory functions" (Wasser, 2002).


turkey tail is a specific for people that compulsively work and choose not to rest/care for themselves adequately or spend time with loved ones because of it. they may be stuck in an unhealthy mind set. they may not celebrate their small victories but instead ruminate on what is yet to be done. this seems to be a toxic spiritual root that leads to serious illness down the road. 

i consult for free so you can have the most minimal, effective, and safe regimens to suit your specific needs. message me :)

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