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Fifteen unique handcrafted soaps to pamper yourself or a deserving recipient with. The box is easy to decorate or wrap for gift giving.

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Our bars are cold process soap handmade on the Saskatchewan Prairies. This soap has been made from locally sourced ingredients & features a lovely bison tallow base. 

Included Varieties:

Wild Chamomile: Bring calmness and tranquillity into your life with wild-crafted Wild Chamomile, ideal for sensitive skin care. Also known as pineapple weed, we gather it from the land during the warmer months. (Base scent: Pineapple)

White Rose: This bar adds a little of that summer vibe & some luxury to your skincare routine. A single white rose conveys a strong and deep message of hope, respect, and love. (Base Scent: Rose Gold)

Yarrow & Oatmeal: Yarrow is used topically to fight against inflammation and to speed healing because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This makes it great for acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. (Base scent: Chai)

Peppermint & Pine - A refreshing blend which includes oils infused with local evergreen clippings & mint leaves. (Base scents: Evergreen & Mint)

Fireweed: The most distinctive thing about fireweed is its gorgeous magenta colored flowers, which grow in sunny pockets all over the North America. Because of its anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, fireweed is excellent for skin care to help reduce redness and acne. (Base scent: Waterfall) 

Wild Rose: The rose scent & wild rose petals lend an elegant and romantic feel to your bath. (Base scent: Wild Rose)

Citrus + Sage: We made this soap as a tribute to Saskatchewan author, Cora Janzen’s Hidden Series. We found ourselves inspired by the scent descriptions she gave for her main characters & this is certainly an excellent scent combo. 

Cinnamon + Vanilla: Our follow up Hidden Series soap inspired by her strong female lead - Severyn Andrews! The caramel colouring with flecks of copper mica (biodegradable) is a nod to Ryn’s unique hair colouring. And of course, it has her delicious signature scent.

Sea Buckthorn: Infused with the bright antioxidant rich berries of the Sea Buckthorn this soap may be a calming balm to troubled skin. (Base scent: Bergamot)

Calendula: This is a mild soap bar that's gentle enough to use on almost everyone - from babies to grandparents. (Base scent: Lemon)

Dandelion: Known for its skin refining, soothing, and anti-aging benefits. Also said to be helpful with acne. Bring a little dandelion infused magic to your skincare. (Base Scent: Rain)

Lavender & Sage - The soothing combination of lavender and prairie picked sage will leave you feeling refreshed. (Base scent: Lavender)

Cedar + Bourbon: One of our most requested items. The scent is well liked by everyone, but is a particular favourite with our male customers who are drawn by the base notes of patchouli and musk while appreciating the richness imbued by the cedar infused oils. The layered and complex scent evolves as you wash, revealing the liveliness and depth of the top, middle and base notes. It’s a full-bodied delight for the senses! (Base scent: Bourbon)

Sandalwood: A richly aromatic calming soap that has many skincare benefits. Sandalwood is thought to help treat acne, dry or itchy skin, & dull and ageing skin. (Base scent: Vanilla Sandalwood)

Patchouli: Nourish your skin while enjoying the strong, earthy scent of patchouli. The woodsy scent inspires relaxation, meditation & contemplation. (Base Scent: Patchouli)


As these soaps are handcrafted and go through the natural process of saponification every batch is unique and may vary somewhat in color or scent. An average bar is approximately 3.5 oz. You will receive 15 bars with this bundle.

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Buffalo Charlie
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A small family project out of Saskatchewan, Canada. These products are made with Canadian bison and locally foraged plants.

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