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Bug Repellent:

Essential oils have been used to repel bothersome critters for thousands of years. Natural Footprints goes one step further than simply just using EOs.  We start with the botanical processing and infuse them with our carriers in our formulas to ensure potency and purity.

All ingredients used in the formulation are Vegan.

This All-Natural Solution, feels good, smells good and works and can be reapplied as often as needed safely. 


Perfect for a day on the beach! This Natural Sunblock is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and organic refined coconut oil for an SPF of 30. 

There is a difference between chemical and mineral. 

When looking for zinc oxide, it is important to choose a non-nano powder. Simply put, that means that the size of the powder particles is too big to be absorbed into your blood stream. 

Using sunscreen made with non-nano zinc oxide is the best way to ensure that you and your family stay safe in the sun without worrying about harsh chemicals absorbing into your skin or the ocean. 

Zinc oxide particles in a cream base block or scatter UV rays so that they can’t get through to the skin.

This lotion rubs on thick and creamy and is deliciously Vanilla scented.

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Natural Footprints is an all-Natural Food and botanical cultivator that uses sustainable farming methods and also only sources from other producers with the same core values to formulate Natural Cosmetics, bath, beauty, hair and skin care products that are truly beneficial.

Our Footprint is intended to be truly good for people and eco conscious for the planet.

Even our packaging is sustainable and Eco-friendly and fun.

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