the history of vervain is fascinating. 

cross culturally it's been considered an intensely magical plant

and a panacea, or 'cure all' remedy. 

it's very bitter. it cleans the blood, tones the organs, and protects the system at large. 

in modern times it's best known for its nervine effects,

though it was famously used for women with neurasthenia or 'weak nerves'

which was a huge diagnosis in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. 

many old authors claimed vervain to be a 'miracle remedy' that kept 'hysterical women' out of asylums. 

it's also known antidote to poisons. bitter herbs don't put up with things that don't belong in the system.

in this regard i can't help but wonder what 'remedies' they gave these ladies before they went for a hail mary with blue vervain. 

i like to use this remedy as a specific for women that have strange, complicated presentations, often alongside other herbs. 

intense bitters have always been known to be curative and far reaching. it's just in their nature. 

bitters clean, tone and protect. they change the internal environment. 

vervain in particular has a 'get out.' kind of energy. 

it's been used cross culturally for worms, stones, obstructions, growths, resolving toxicity, putrifications, ulcers + deep seated infections. 

it also has a quality to it where 'it takes you under its wing' so to speak

this seems particularly true for the constitutionally weak. 

it's a strong reminder that emotional disturbance can arise from very physical roots. 

for example: 

"The basic symptomology of vervain has been described as one in which there is nervous weakness 

and generalized tension that in fact arises from metabolic toxicosis brought on by renal and hepatic insufficiency."

             - The energetics of Western herbs: A materia medica integrating Western and Chinese herbal therapeutics

you wouldn't believe the complicated, agonizing troubles that can arise from an overwhelmed liver. 

it is the physical filter of our existence. we need to be mindful of keeping it clean. twice a year, in spring and fall, you should give it a good rinse. 

culturally we don't do that and it's perhaps our main knot that prevents curative treatments. if your liver is dirty your blood is dirty. 

if your blood is dirty, filth will accumulate at your constitutional weak points. 

your endocrine system will be disrupted because its homeostasis depends on reading the blood chemistry. 

intense bitters are historically known to be curative because they clean up these simple root issues that cascade into diverse and complicated presentations. 

i often combine these kinds of herbs with other plants that bring more specific help, depending on a person's specific needs. 

being as specific as possible in choosing herbs and formulating remedies is key. 

when there is imbalance, you need to work with the body to help it do what it's already trying to figure out. 

when you give complicated, inappropriate or messy instructions, it adds insult to injury. 

identify the root issue, give simple + clean support, see prompt and comfortable results. 

i consult for free so you can have the safest, most minimal + effective regimen to suit your needs. 

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