i wild foraged these violets in early spring and tinctured them fresh in vodka

i do have a large bag of violet flowers that took a very long time to pick if someone needs them.

violet is quiet, cleansing + cool

it is famously an herb that 'can do no harm' 

which is perhaps why we often find it indicated for very young children, people in delicate situations 

and used alongside conventional medicine in serious situations and treatments.

it's good for soothing inflammation and draining lymph, phlegm + watery humors 

many people like it for throat and eye inflammation

it seems to be a specific for small children with breathing problems

and indeed many cultures used them for respiratory complaints

it was also used for children that began developing convulsive disorders

when i was a TCM apprentice i certainly saw a number of young children who were under the care of western experts

and were seeking acupuncture because they were still experiencing convulsions. 

no need to be a purist. interdisciplinary approaches can do great things. 

likewise there was some interesting literature from the last couple years 

that suggested violet to be a synergist alongside cansir treatments (im censored)

and it seemed like the conventional treatments worked better and side effects were considerably mitigated

violet gently encourages elimination in all ways 

bowels are regulated, lungs gently soothed and phlegm expectorated.

it's good for irritable conditions of kidneys and bladder.

in the distant past (similarly to rose)

it was used to soothe, clear and correct congested choler

as well as phlegm.

i think it's worth considering for irritated skin conditions like eczema. 

i don't often use violet at present but would especially consider it for quiet, shy, delicate people

especially children, which is indicated over over again in old literature. 

this constitution often thrives under very gentle plants like violet

and can be overwhelmed or over treated by more overt herbs.

plants like violet have shown me over and over again 'the power of yin'

they work very well but so quietly that it's easy to forget them. 

it's interesting to experience the 'strength' of yin herbs

it really gives you something to think about. 

on the flip side, i've heard of using violet for angry, harsh, hot people that have trouble managing their emotions and heat. 

i usually give them my daily detox tincture but violet would be a lovely addition. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. please feel free to reach out with questions 

or an outline of your situation at any time and i would be glad to respond promptly. blessings!

violet leaf and flower- wild foraged tinctured fresh

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