White Pine Needles Dandelion Leaves Star Anise Tincture. The tincture is produced from a combination of alcohol and hot water extraction (dual extraction) that results in the following principal beneficial compounds being made available: Shikimic Acid...along with many other beneficial compounds found in white pine, dandelion and star anise. Shikimic acid purportedly resists the ability of the Covid spike protein from binding at the ACE2 receptor site (Reference: Mike Adams, Health Ranger). The Tincture comes in a 4-ounce amber dropper bottle. At two doses per day a bottle will last for two months (60 days). $50 per bottle. 

(Per 4oz)
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Lake Superior Chaga
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Lake Superior Chaga
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Welcome! Lake Superior Chaga provides Fresh Chaga mushroom products harvested sustainably along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Wayne Seidel began harvesting Chaga to harness the immune strengthening capabilities and soon learned that Chaga offers many additional benefits. Wayne's Chaga is processed immediately, air dried, stored in glass, and kept in a cool, dark area until purchase. He offers two products currently - Ground Chaga (for tea or making your own tincture) and Chaga Tincture. Wayne has a strong natural resources background, worked for the University of Minnesota (retired) and also operates a landscape tree business. He and his family live along the Knife River just west of Two Harbors, Minnesota.

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