black cohosh is an at risk species in many places. i have a small amount of respectfully + responsibly wild foraged tincture. i foraged 1 root at night on a new moon and tinctures it fresh in grain alcohol. 

i work with these plants extensively and have deep respect for them. if you’ve never worked with this remedy before but feel you’re in need, please get a 1/2 oz tincture to make sure it suits you. there is no price difference. you are very welcome to message me any time

black cohosh is indispensable for disorders that stem from congested cerebrospinal fluid. it’s a great and reliable specific for whiplash. 

matthew wood taught me that this remedy is specific for people ‘who feel better from bleeding’ this is important for women who feel dark and brooding or depressed before their period but snap back to normal once it starts. not surprisingly, this specific pattern often has trouble going into menopause because the bleeding stops. 

black cohosh root can be an important energetic remedy for navigating dark depressions and confronting + rewiring difficult aspects of ourselves. i occasionally like to use it with ghost pipe for navigating darkly tangled karmic situations. 

there are a handful of gynecological instances where black cohosh is an important specific. 

as mentioned above, it can be helpful for certain patterns of menopause troubles. it is by no means a 'one size fits all' menopause remedy. there are many good menopause allies and success entirely depends on addressing your specific pattern. 

black cohosh is best used when it's specifically called for, 

not only because it's often natively endangered and at risk, but because it can be an uncomfortable remedy when used improperly. i’m glad to help you navigate dosage, just shoot me a message. expect drop doses and always be sure to take with plenty of water. 



i have seen so many ladies suffer from taking black cohosh and vitex for menopause. i do not believe in using vitex for almost any reason and don’t think it’s particularly safe. i also do not think taking black cohosh supplements in powder or pills is safe or effective. i have seen really awful side effects over and over. these are not traditional herbal protocols with time tested results. historically no one ever took black cohosh dry. this protocol is from modern pharmacologists using unproven sciencey theories to sell supplements. big pharma owns lots of herbal supplement companies. they say black cohosh can replace your lost estrogen with phytoestrogens to alleviate menopause. it sounds nice but doesn’t work that way. (sage reliably helps the body adjust to the new hormone situation) and red clover also contains phytoestrogens and it is safer, prolific, highly nutritious and very well tolerated. 

id like to mention a few things about BLUE VERVAIN for your consideration:

because there is a lot of potential overlap here. blue vervain is for women who feel like they’re at the mercy of their hormones. they behave out of character according to hormonal shifts- anger, hunger, crying, feeling frantic. this was -the- #1 remedy for ‘female hysteria’ for centuries. history is not always kind, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. it’s incredibly reliable for hysteria and even convulsions. black cohosh is more specifically for women who feel complicated, darkly depressed and isolate/withdraw before their period. 

blue vervain is an excellent remedy for neck and shoulder pain/tension from stress (not so much from congested cerebrospinal fluid). 

the black cohosh woman is often dark and twisty with mysterious + complex personalities. they have a rich inner life and are hard to know well. their karma or family line may be terribly tangled. blue vervain is more so for people who have intense ideals and standards. they wear themselves and others out by chasing those ideals, which are not easily achieved. they are psychologically very active but physically weaker. ‘too strong above and weak below’ there is a lot of tension in these peeps. 

you can read more on blue vervain’s own tincture description, but this should help differentiate with black cohosh. 

please message me with any questions or concerns! i consult for free so you can have the most minimal + effective regimen to suit your needs -regardless of whether this specific remedy is a good choice for you or not. blessings!

wild black cohosh root tincture- tinctured fresh

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