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Wild Chamomile: Bring calmness and tranquillity into your life with wild-crafted Wild Chamomile, ideal for sensitive skin care. Also known as pineapple weed, we gather it from the land during the warmer months. (Base scent: Pineapple)


As these soaps are handcrafted, and go through the natural process of saponification every batch is unique and may vary somewhat in color or scent. An average bar is approximately 3.5 oz. 


Our bars are cold process soap handmade on the Saskatchewan Prairies. This soap has been made from locally sourced ingredients & features a lovely bison tallow base.

Wild Chamomile Soap (3 Bar Bundle)

Saskatchewan, CA
Buffalo Charlie
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A small family project out of Saskatchewan, Canada. These products are made with Canadian bison and locally foraged plants.