this is a tincture of exceptional quality

it was harvested whole

on a new moon

with the first spring leaves 

+ roots that endured winter

plantain is widely considered one of the best drawing agents in western herbalism,

historically and present day.

it balances dry/damp, sanitizes + nourishes

it draws out venom + infection and staunches bleeding.

these simple actions have reliable, diverse utility

it's a safe, easy + diverse first aid staple.

skin: eczema, psoriasis, boils, abscesses, venomous bites + stings, clears up bug bites,

     burns, sun burns, *poison ivy*, dirty wounds, infections + excessive bleeding. 

     ^^ internal and external use are applicable

dental: *infected roots, abscesses, infected gums*

lungs: bronchial infections, pneumonia, irritated cough, 'tickle' in throat or lungs,

      *draws phlegm, mucous + water from lungs. expect expectoration* 

kidneys: rich in nutrients + minerals that specifically build up the kidneys enough that they can 

        do well on their own. 'nourishing diuretics' are the safest diuretics. 

        they restore natural function in the face of deficiency.

reproductive + genital health: excellent support for irritated/weepy/inflamed STI's 

                           curbs excessive menstrual clotting + bleeding

                           very good for chronic or stubborn bacterial imbalances 

                           + excessive discharge

bladder: very good for bladder infections, UTI's + chronic discomfort


guts + bowels: cools + moistens, 'balances + sanitizes tissues' 

              balances gut bacteria (there's no way around changing your food for true resolution)

              aids recovery from bacterial/ parasitic infections that effect the gut (if this is you, message me and i'll make a custom formula) 

in norse mythology it is one of the nine sacred herbs. it is an herb of travel, both physically + spiritually (it grows plentifully on roadsides). 

it is specifically revered as the herb of Helheim, realm of the dead. this indicates that it can be useful during times of grief. 

interestingly enough, chinese medicine considers grief to be the emotion of the lungs. 

i've seen lung imbalances develop in the grief stricken many times. plantain is an excellent ally during such times. 

death deities are ubiquitously depicted as humble and inclusive. they often have sacred remedies for the poor that are safe, reliable, abundant + of diverse utility. 

plantain is the perfect example of such a plant. peek my 'begotten' incense if you're interested in grounding + ancestor work. 

it's also an excellent specific for people that can't stop crying. plantain heals and balances the 'weepy, wounded + festering' on all levels. 

it thrives in less than gracious circumstances and comfortably occupies environments where most plants couldn't grow. 

let it be a quiet guide during times that call for shadow work and finding your feet again after troubled times. 

**please message me if you are in search of a remedy and need guidance. i consult for free. i'm so glad to help you find the appropriate remedy for your imbalances. 

  i make custom remedies so you can have the safest, most minimal + effective regimen to suit your specific needs. be well <3

wild foraged plantain tincture- leaf + root tinctured fresh

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