Our Wild Harvest Chaga Chunks are just that!

Harvested during optimal time from LIVE healthy trees for the best nutrition and health benefits we can offer. We also only forage from pristine forests to ensure the exceptional quality. Holding strong notions in the belief of naturally drying practices and meticulously maintaining our chaga is of great importance. We also store and ship using non-toxic methods.

Wild Harvested Naturally Dried Chaga Chunks

(per 4 oz)
New York, US
Catskill Wild
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Certified Wild Foraged Goods Crafts & Services!

Expertly harvested from pristine environments with intuitive wisdom all the while following a detailed code of ethics. Catskill Wild understands you should not settle for anything less then absolute benefit.

We strive to provide as nature organically intends💚🌈

***Please check back and enjoy our photo journalistic nature photography popping up periodically as our cover & item art. It’s just for fun!!